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Our Emergency Services Platform (ESP) delivers critical building information to First Responders, making it easier for them to manage incidents and save lives.


About Emergency Services Platform

This emergency response software allows First Responders to view layout details for every floor in a commercial building. Users can easily identify potential structural hazards, view structural components like windows and doors, identify exit routes and locate the exact placement of extinguishers, hose reels and booster pumps. Additionally, the ESP allows for three-dimensional building walkthroughs, so responders can familiarise themselves with building layouts prior to physically accessing the site.

Locatrix has already drafted thousands of spatially accurate building interiors, including high risk locations like airport terminals, government buildings, banks, hospitals, universities and railway stations. Currently, no other map provider has this capability.

The Emergency Services Platform is only available for approved emergency services agencies, and the relevant building information can be streamed in a variety of digital formats.


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Key Features

  • Designed for first responders

  • ESP is like Google Maps for indoors

  • ESP links the indoors of buildings to the First Responders Operational Command

  • Full suite of drafting tools

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  • Compliant with all relevant Australian Legislation and Standard

  • Push button publishing of finished Evacuation Signs via CSS

  • Compatible with iOS and Windows

  • Secure online cloud respository

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How Can ESP Help with Your Safety Compliance?

For First Responders

See how ESP helps first responders like to manage emergencies as efficiently as possible until further assistance arrives.

For Incident Commanders

See how ESP helps incident commanders to develop objectives, manage operations and allocate resources more effectively than ever before.

For Architects, Planners & Drafters

See how architects, planners and drafters use PlanStudio to easily create accurate CAD drawings.

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We offer a range of additional services, including face to face training, fire audit reviews, VR training, evacuation signs and written directional evacuation plans.

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