PlanSafe – Emergency information and training

PlanSafe is our core product. This online safety induction and emergency management program provides safety information and training to employees, contractors, and visitors. PlanSafe is a single system that enables users to achieve 100% compliance with the current Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, the building Fire Safety Regulations and Australian Standards.

  • Provide safety and emergency management training
  • Achieve 100% compliance
  • Access site-specific floor plans


PlanStudio - Create accurate evacuation signs and diagrams

PlanStudio provides users with an easy way to mark-up a building or structure,  and produce spatially accurate indoor floor plans and evacuation signs. This app was developed with certifiers, fire engineers and other competent safety planners in mind – it is easy to use, robust and full of powerful features.

  • Mark up buildings or structures
  • Create spatially accurate evacuation diagrams
  • Draft, edit, view & add to CAD drawings


ESP – View building layouts, locate hazards and identify safety equipment

Our Emergency Services Portal (ESP) allows First Responders and incident commanders to view detailed layouts of every floor in a commercial building. Through this platform, users can identify potential structural hazards and locate the exact position of extinguishers, hose reels, booster pumps and other safety equipment.

  • View detailed building layouts and floor plans
  • Identify hazards, exit routes and safety equipment
  • Familiarise yourself with buildings using 3D building walkthroughs


Case Studies

Browse through our case studies and see how our innovative products are being used to achieve breakthrough safety standards.

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