Why Fire Engineers are Taking a Closer Look at Locatrix's Offerings

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Recently there has been a lot of interest by engineering firms showing interest in PlanSafe and PlanStudio.

Why the sudden interest?

For PlanSafe it is the simplicity of compiling all relevant site details into the e-learning platform so occupant and warden training can be delivered. Site specific and compliant. A great solution for any new client commercial building that has fire engineered solutions that include site specific procedures that often get lost over time. These scenarios are very common for sites as complex as a hospital, nursing home or shopping centres – its all made simple, compliant and inexpensive.

For PlanStudio, it is the ability to easily measure distance and alternative distances for engineered solutions.

PlanStudio has become the tool that the fire industry use to create spatially accurate evacuation diagrams. That means that every month over 1,500,000 sqm of building floor space is being populated by our Fire Industry Partners and published into a digital floor plan database. Locatrix now has the largest inventory of digital floor plans world wide, all securely stored to ISO27001 standards. These floor plans are over-layed onto outdoor GIS data gathered from licenced external mapping providers. PlanStudio is now LiDAR enabled so it can now gather indoor mapping information with 1mm accuracy. By collecting indoor and outdoor mapping data users have the ability to accurately measure the distance of travel from say, the corner cupboard of maintenance room in building “a” all the way to the kitchen pantry of building “b”. Why has something so simple been so difficult for so long?

Scenario: “A” John a Fire engineer receives plans to design a fire engineered solution increasing distances of travel for evacuation. He first needs to request plans from the architect of the redesign and notices that it does not display the external assembly area or the distance from the new proposed location of evacuation to the assembly point. He then needs to ask the architect to go to site and measure that distance and report back.

Not with PlanStudio. John can sit at his desk and calculate down to the centimetre the distance from “a” to “b” no delay. No additional cost of a site visit – done!

With PlanStudio users click and drag along the navigation mesh throughout the building and see the exact distance from entry to exit, anywhere on the plan or site. If you need to change that distance you can find out the exact measurement by using this technique while remaining at one’s desk.

PlanStudio is a tool that anyone can use. Having a visual representation of assets or equipment inside a building, being able to easily indicate to a trades person as to exactly which air conditioner in the building needs repairs, eliminate the risk of repairs being carried out to the wrong machine. Save the data of the repair to the asset metadata in the digital floorplan PlanStudio provides. Even in just providing the exact location (latitude and longitude) of the asset needing repairs inside the building PlanStudio can indicate to the trades person the best place to park on the outside of the building saving time and labour.

Distance is often taken for granted, we do it all the time in assessing that it may only take 15 minutes to get to an appointment but find we are late due to traffic or changed traffic conditions. It’s the same on foot when having to travel from one end of a shopping centre to another. Having a tool that can help you way find from the outside-in and more accurately time manage your day can only make one’s life less stressful and more purposeful.


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