Technology & Innovation Prepares People for Emergencies and Saves More Lives

Australian Fire Protection are a trusted and well-respected Fire Safety Company located in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. Patrick Hall and his wife Iris run a business built on strong values that firmly believe in maintaining and enriching all their valued relationships, within their business, their business partners but most importantly with their clients. Their mission “Preparing People for Emergencies” is at the core of everything they do.

Patrick Hall, Director Australian Fire Protection and John Hummelstad CEO Locatrix share a COVID safe elbow tap

Patrick first recognised Locatrix for their application PlanStudio, admitting that it increased the efficiency of providing Evacuation Diagrams to their customers in ¼ of the time that it had taken them previously. He noted that a recent job they had completed for a large local school took them around two weeks but had it not been for PlanStudio, Patrick admitted that he would still be struggling to complete the workload a month later.

Realising that Locatrix was there to be of service to him as a partner offering technology and innovation, he accepted an invitation to catch up and discuss how else the partnership could progress further.

With two companies bringing their expertise together, it was clear to see that not only would they be able to prepare people for emergencies better but also be able to save more lives in the process. This combined purpose enriches outcomes for all stakeholders, especially clients.

It was refreshing to hear Tracey Wallace (Business Relationship Manager) for AFP explain the importance of the compliance conversation that she has when seeking to assist new and existing clients. She explained that their business doesn’t necessarily specialise in one particular industry. This requires Tracey and the team to be across all levels of compliance, from the standard commercial building right up to Hospital and Aged Care buildings along with early learning and Child Care centres, all of which have an additional set of standards necessitating specific training in order to ensure their customers are always provided training that are designed to that standard and keep them protected.

“When Kristopher Brown of Locatrix demonstrated the PlanSafe portal with existing clients tailored to each of these industries, I was immediately assured that the product would deliver the quality of training in which our customers require. Understanding this level of complexity was addressed in PlanSafe, it recently helped me win a tender for a large Government building where the scope of works included an online product that would include site specific processes that needed to be clearly communicated and translated into a training outcome”.

Now with one PlanSafe customer tucked under their belt, Patrick and the team are excited to be able to offer this product to more of their customers as they can see the benefits that online learning can deliver, particularly with the site specific content PlanSafe delivers “being able to tailor the learning outcome to the individual is a terrific benefit, an occupant only receives the information that an occupant requires and someone with additional responsibility such as a Warden receives the basic as well as the specific Warden training to empower them to feel confident and safe in their work practices”.


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