Stokes Safety & Locatrix Partner Story

Updated: Mar 4

Need help with understanding what your compliance responsibilities are as a building owner/operator? Stokes Safety has been consulting in the areas of Building Surveying, Building Compliance and more recently Occupational Health and Safety for more than 34 years. Offering a thorough and comprehensive range of services to our clients, many with whom Stokes Safety have built long term working partnerships.

Initially, Stokes Safety’s primary focus was to provide building regulatory advice at the early design stage, issuing building permits and carrying out building inspections. Over time Stokes Safety has evolved into a company that today specializes in consulting on Building Regulations, Building Compliance, Occupational Health and Safety and Evacuation Procedures, with a strong focus on AS4083-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Health Care Facilities. Stokes Safety employs specialist and experienced consultants in these fields, so clients are assured they are dealing with an expert team whose aim is to protect their clients’ businesses by providing peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their own core business.

Stokes Safety’s team has extensive experience and a specialized understanding in the areas of Health and Aged Care building consultancy and compliance. Stokes Safety regards these as crucial areas in constant need of Building Consulting and Compliance advice. Stokes Safety understands the busy roles many hospital and care building managers, maintenance people and engineers undertake. We aim to make their role a little easier, by interpreting legislation and advising on the best way forward. Our goal is to create long term working relationships, whereby we can provide a one stop, on call building consulting service to support our clients as they provide the safest built environments for most vulnerable people.

Stokes Safety has partnered with indoor mapping and training specialists Locatrix, using PlanStudio to streamline and systemise the development of site emergency evacuation diagrams by offering an intuitive easy to use program that is both versatile and flexible offering both the desktop and mobile solutions.

By implementing Locatrix’s software PlanSafe with Stokes Safety’s clients we have seen first hand the power and the customisation the system offers occupants tailored to each site. PlanSafe is an online safety induction and emergency management program. This system provides safety information and online training to those within the built environment – namely building owners, employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers and wardens. By using PlanSafe, Stokes Safety is able to guarantee compliance with current Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, and Building Fire Safety Regulations and Australian Standards (AS 3745-2010)”. Pat Stokes, Director Stokes Safety.

Training is able to be scheduled and assigned to each employee for their role. This offers flexibility to occupants to complete training at a time which suits them and gives the administration dashboard monitor oversight as to who has completed the training.

The system is important because it offers flexibility and oversight on the emergency management and training across one or a portfolio of buildings. It also provides a record and management system to ensure documenting and reporting is available at your fingertips to provide reporting authorities as necessary.


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