Spatial data – How can it improve efficiencies for building owners and operators?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

What can Visual Asset Management do for you?

Imagine being able to easily access and amend your building’s floor plans. To be able to identify exactly where an asset is, click on its locator to find a photo of it and retrieve its servicing records.

Think about that a little more…. would it help to understand the location of all the conditioning units? To have recorded against every unit the servicing information, model and an image of the placement of the unit? To identify what circuit it is running through?

How about a specific work practice that is unique to that building, for example, how can the maintenance team safely clean external windows and what harness need to be used in order to do this – the records of servicing of those harnesses, where they are stored? Need a video of how you carry out this operation safely? Record the servicing details and the video it within the spatial record and program its viewing within the maintenance team’s orientation. You can do the same for kitchen or laundry equipment. By keeping accurate records and communicating correct training information, you are providing a safe work environment and delivering your duty of care efficiently.

Audio visual equipment is expensive, would it be helpful to have the records of this identified on floor plans, show exactly where each unit is located, record within that record the image of the equipment, service records.

How about your security system? Do you know where every sensor is in your building? The CCTV cameras. Would it help to have the location of that camera and the URL detail saved on a plan, and with one click be able to see what that camera is looking at?

Identifying defects and their exact location. You just had new wiring installed within your building and need to identify to the trade exactly where they have made a penetration that compromises the integrity of their fire rating. Make the trade responsible for addressing this issue and eliminate the confusion as to the location of the issue, if they understand that this record is visible to the authorities, they will quickly address it. Encourage the client to cover themselves and force accountability and action.

Record keeping of maintenance of assets is very helpful when trying to understand why a piece of equipment is not performing as it should, is it the equipment or is it the infrastructure? Is the maintenance occurring? Is the right asset being covered in the maintenance contract?

Lift maintenance records still paper based and kept in a folder? Why? How are you being reminded to maintain and renew the lift registration?

Companies like Nearmap are realising PlanSafe’s capability and partnering with the software.Spatial data has a huge calling in our future markets.Read Nearmap’s article on how PlanStudio is delivering “Nearmap Indoors”

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With Locatrix’s PlanStudio, there are so many ways to collect analyse and implement spatial data. As a user updates and amends data on the go, all changes are recorded and saved every 90 seconds, cloud based and secure to ISO27001 standards. PlanStudio is well in use with over 21,000,000 sqm of building floor space under management, delivering fire safety and asset data to building owners and occupants. Get in touch and find out how we can help you too.