Product Launch & Delivery of PlanStudio

When You’re a Partner, You’re Part of a Growth Story

In September Locatrix more than doubled its PlanStudio partners – in one month! Naturally there was a lot of work put into this huge effort by the Customer Success team and welcome to our new partners!

One of the critical support functions of the Partner onboarding process is the Locatrix Academy for self-paced learning. Here we have taken all the feature instructional videos and formed them into a learning outcome – much the same as our PlanSafe product does when pulling data collected in PlanStudio to product online warden and first instruction training. Online training has been a critical offering of the Locatrix for 10 years. So, creating the Locatrix Learning Academy using our own product was easy.

From Our Staff to Our Partners to Our Customers – In it together

At Locatrix everything we present to our Partners and Clients is tested thoroughly internally first by our inhouse testing team, but then within our own business. True to this philosophy, we use the PlanStudio e-learning academy to onboard our own staff within our induction learning academy.

“One of the biggest potential disadvantages of training employees previously when depending on CorelDRAW was the cost of the process: not with PlanStudio. The Locatrix learning Academy provides an extensive library of self-paced learning videos and a technical support team who is only one message/phone call away. Locatrix support base is built around a team who are at the forefront of the software’s ongoing creation. Your ideas aren’t just heard but understood and implemented into the program.” – Nathan Kirkby, Executive Manager Locatrix.

Once we had tested the mature PlanStudio Academy with our own drafting team using it we were confident we could deploy it, we began the process of onboarding more partners including Fire Services Queensland (FSQ): “Not having done the drafting component before, PlanStudio’s technology was simple, easy and quick to learn, allowing FSQ to produce quality compliant signs. Without PlanStudio, we would not be able to provide this service in house to our ever-increasing client demand. With PlanStudio, I am now able to draft up a full set of evacuation signs for a small client and email the draft to them for approval before leaving the site. Sometimes, the only hold up is waiting for client approval. But I can usually turn them around within a week.” – Anthony Grenfield, Fire Services Queensland.

Beyond Fire Services – A Disability Example

We see the indoor mapping market far greater than just the fire services Industry. Briometrix work in the disability sector and under the leadership of Natalie Verdon, have partnered with Locatrix to use PlanStudio to mark-up accessibility pathways, showing the gradient of ramps, steps and marking-up any barriers that someone in a wheelchair or using a walking aid may need to consider before setting out on their route.

“As a trainer for over a decade, I found the online training was informative and delivered at the right pace, ensuring people will be competent to commence their projects with Locatrix software. The learning modules were structured appropriately to allow easy revisits to refresh new skills. In my role as project manager, the online course has provided me the right level of knowledge and insight to guide and discuss projects with my colleagues. Our team is a mix of tech and non tech people, and all are confident and keen to utilise the software features and work with the Locatrix team to explore ways to add value to our products” – says Natalie Verdon CEO Briometrix.

Building Your Independence, Not dependence

“We know it is easier for users to self-train on their own terms, time frame and pace, while we have a great team of technical support consultants, we realise as more users come on board, we need to be sure that the partner is always able to have some level of support within PlanStudio. We have also embedded “How to” and help functionality within the PlanStudio menu line – this has proven to be a lifesaver. On site work cannot stop and should not hold users up from completing tasks and deliverables to their client base, we realise we have the trust of the Partner and wish to maintain that trust and reliability” – John Hummelstad CEO, Locatrix.

Our Technical consultants Cody Ross and Jayden Truman are always working with partners to identify pain points and listening to Partners for ideas for improvement and these two are then given ticket numbers and put into the next sprint. Depending on the priority in relation to what is already in the pipeline, an estimate is given on delivery and most of the time these timelines are met.

Now we have a very sophisticated product that we have confidence to rollout across the fire industry and it is being very well received! In the past month we have signed up the main fire services companies in Australia who serve lion-share of the market.


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