PlanStudio Update - V2.0.4830

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-1843 - Added Search to Icon Filter

We have added a new search bar to the Icon Filter menu to help admin users easily narrow down your search on the Whitelist tab.

PK-1844 - Multiple Selection of Icons

When in the Order tab of Icon Filters, you can now select multiple icons by clicking on each icon you want to select, allowing you to highlight groups of Icons to make ordering them significantly easier and faster.

PK-1844 - Improved Loading Indicators

We have Improved our loading indicators by adding a new progress bar for the Plan Manager. Now when loading floor plans you can see the progress.

Bug Fixes

  • PK-1884 - Fixed a bug where zone legends couldn’t be moved if there was a hyphen in the category name.

  • PK-1857 - [Windows Only] Fixed issues when multiple webcams are connected. In preferences you can now pick the camera you use for taking photos.

  • PK-1905 - Fixed a rare crash when some users logged in to PlanStudio.

  • PK-1886 - Fixed a bug where the background plan in the fixture editor was hidden.


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