PlanStudio Update - V4742

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-1850 - Change opacity for all layers

To complement the new site plan drafting tools, all layers now have an opacity slider, where previously you could only adjust the opacity of the graphic layer, you can now adjust the transparency of each layer to make it easier to see graphics or any objects underneath. This is useful for when you need to trace a floorplan image or draft elements on a site plan, or to see what is under your zones or scenery layers.

PK-1617 - Archive and unarchive fixtures

We have added the ability to archive & unarchive fixtures from your library. Rather than deleting fixtures from your library all together (which may cause issues with other plans that are using them) we have added an option to archive fixtures that are no longer wanted in your library. Archived fixtures will keep working in existing plans but will stop appearing in your libraries.

To archive a fixture, start by clicking the

button next to the object you want to remove from the list and select the Archive option.

To bring an archived fixture back into your library, select the

button at the top of the Fixtures Menu and select the Archived Fixtures option.

This will take you to a new menu with a list of all the fixtures you can unarchive, by clicking on the items you want to return to your library.

PK-1815 - 'Text Keys' update

Added a new way pick Text Keys in the Sign template editor. When in the design tab of the template editor, you have the option to assign Text Keys to any text box or label on your template. Text Keys are used to automatically pull of data from a job to fill out information on a template. For example the Building Address or Client Name.

For all the elements that have a Text Key option you now have a button that will display a list of all the currently unused Text Keys (in black).

Show all the currently used Text Keys in Pink and show the current (if one is selected) Text Key with a pink tick.

This makes automating template fields much easier, and means you have more freedom to edit and change elements on templates without having to know the codes for the Text Keys you want to use.

PK-1882 - 'Vendor Copyright' updates

When creating new evacuation sign templates, the Vendor Copyright label now defaults to your partnership (company) name, and the Sign Reference label defaults to Diagram Ref.

These are still completely customisable and will not affect any existing templates. Automating these elements should help save time when creating new templates.

PK-1541 - Convert standard text elements to labels

When editing templates in the design tab of the template editor, you can now convert more of the standard text elements (plan area, sign ref, issue date, review date, vendor copyright etc.) back into labels/text boxes to allow for more control over the style and more comprehensive editing (text formatting, alignment, etc.)

To do this select the text object you want to edit, for example the Plan Area.

Then click the Convert to Text Boxes button.

This will break the object down into selectable text boxes, headers and rectangles so you can control and customise each item further then the default options allow.

Bug Fixes

  • PK-1874 - Fixed an issue with changing border colours of rectangles in the template editor.

  • PK-1870 - Fixed an issue on iPadOS where the screen was pushed upwards when creating a new floorplan.

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