PlanStudio Update - V4697

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-525 - Edit door openings after placing them

You now have the option to edit the size of door openings after placing them on a Floorplan. By selecting one or more doors you will be able to edit the width of the opening via the properties card on the right.

When changing widths, you have the options to either enter a new width manually or select from a dropdown menu that displays the most recently used sizes.

This new feature makes it very easy to quickly bulk edit the sizes of all the different door types after rescaling an already drawn floorplan.

PK-1774 - Switching between paper sizes and page orientations is now easier

We have made it easier to edit and switch between paper sizes and page orientations for your diagram templates. When in the ‘Design tab' of the template editor there is a new button for ‘Page setup’.

By clicking this button, you get a new window where you can now choose between preset paper sizes to easily resize templates between A2, A3 & A4 or select ‘custom’ to enter the dimensions in mm to create a new paper size.

You now also have an easy way to flip the orientation of the page between landscape and portrait, and a new ‘Scale to Fit’ check box that will automatically rescale all the elements on the template to match your new diagram's orientation. This makes it much simpler to use an existing template as a starting point to create a new template of a different orientation or size.

PK-1800/PK-1801 - Site plan overhaul

As part of our site plan overhaul, we have added a completely new way to create site plans. PlanStudio now has a new option ‘Capture Street Map’ you can use to Import a map for your site plan directly from OpenStreetMap.

Using the new ‘Capture Street Map’ feature takes you to a satellite view of your location and allows you to select the area you would like to import for your site plan.

Once you have highlighted the area you want to use for your site plan, hit the ‘Capture’ button and PlanStudio will automatically import the area from OpenStreetMap and convert it to an editable drafted version of the map.

This style of site plan imports all the known roads, paths, buildings and major waterways in OpenStreetMap and provides you with a completely editable map so you can add, remove and edit any details by using the new Site plan tools.

This is extremely useful for users who prefer the look and feel of a drawn site plan over a satellite image. It provides an easy way to edit the site plan to show as much detail as you need, as well as providing an alternate solution for campuses with an address currently not covered by high quality satellite images, or any buildings that are too new to be shown.

PK-1542 - Improved snapping functionality

When Editing ‘Diagram Templates’ in the ‘Design’ tab, we have improved our snapping functionality to make it easier to align and evenly space objects on your template. PlanStudio now guides you and helps to snap elements into sequences so they’re evenly spaced. You can either snap an element onto the end of the sequence or in the middle, this works both vertically and horizontally.

PK-1746 - Declaration of content ownership

To help prevent any unintentional copyright issues, PlanStudio will now ask you declare you own and have the rights to use any content when you are importing images and data. This occurs whenever you have the option to import Images from external sources and will be required when uploading Client logos, adding/taking photos and importing images mapping companies satellite data.

You have the permission to use any map or image data that Locatrix provides you through the use of PlanStudio, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are not breaching any copyright laws by using images or data you find and upload to PlanStudio through the internet.

For more information please visit the link below:

Bug Fixes

  • PK-1822 - Fixed crash when closing the floorplan/site plan JSON dialog.

  • PK-1824 - Fixed crash when clicking the cancel button twice.

  • PK-1788 - Fixed “First time in PlanStudio?” overlay temporarily reappearing when first time users close an empty plan.

  • PK-1777 - Fixed an issue where the 'new' button in various parts of the admin UI could occasionally still be clicked while hidden.


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