PlanStudio Update - V4575

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-1539 Option to apply a border (stroke) to an object.

In the ‘Design Tab' of the Diagram Templates menu, when editing certain objects e.g rectangles, you now have the option to apply a border to the object.

To apply a border, first select a border type. You have the option to place the border on the inside edge the object, this is to preserve the external dimensions, on top of the edges of the object or on the outer edge of the object. Once you have selected your desired option you can adjust the border width and colour, as well as apply any rounding to the corners.

PK-1766 Pink '+' button replaced with 'New' button.

In certain instances the pink '+' button (shown below) may be hidden from view, when switching between menus.

Therefore, we have replaced this with a 'New' Button (shown below), when creating a new admin resources eg. (diagram templates, icon libraries, icon filters and network libraries).

This will remain visible at all times on the top right hand corner.

PK-1771 Added additional customisation for Default 'Template Elements'.

As part of our Template editor improvements users now have some additional options to customise the Default ‘Template Elements’ In a Siteplan.

Site plan headers can now be split into text boxes for even more customisation.

All Legend headers can now be customised with the option to add custom colours.

Bug Fixes

  • PK-1766 Fixed an issue where in some cases manipulating nodes on zones could turn the line "wobbly", now when splitting a curved segment of a zone, PlanStudio will always create two straight segments.

  • PK-1814 Fixed a crash when trying to open a sign preview if the floorplan wasn't geotagged and you set legend icons to only show visible icons.

  • PK-1816 Fixed an issue causing evacuation paths, smoke and fire doors to not display on an evacuation diagram where icon libraries had not replaced them, and an icon filter was being used.

  • PK-1812 Fixed a crash when importing invalid geo-referenced images. If the file is corrupted or not valid, PlanStudio will show you an error message informing you of the issue.

  • PK-1809 Fixed a crash that occurred while clicking off a photo while panning.

  • PK-1830 Fixed a crash when trying to open a sign preview if the campus had a correctly geotagged site plan, but it did not exist on the template.

  • PK-1821 Fixed an issue effecting the exporting of .json files for Diagram Templates.

  • PK-1798 Fixed an issue where signs could not be previewed or published if they contained a ‘/’ character in the Sign reference.

Other Recent Features

  • PK-1783 We have updated how we provide our partners with our ‘user agreement’ for PlanStudio, this will now be shown as part of the new AuthService and will be checked and saved against each user rather than each device, This ensures that all users will always be kept up to date with any changes to the user agreement.

  • PK-1794 As part of our upcoming maps and site plan overhaul, all places where Google was previously used for maps have been replaced by Bing. This means that any Geotags in existing plans may appear slightly misaligned where map data varies between the two providers, this will be a visual difference only and all geotags, and site plans are still correct.

  • PK-1812 Made changes to the auto-update process, the in-app popup prompting you to update is now correct and works as expected.

  • PK-1804 “.png” and “.svg” files no longer appear twice in Windows File Explorer when uploading a photo to diagram content.

  • PK-1799 When adding a new graphic to a plan, the graphic layer now automatically turns on and unlocks so you can view your image regardless of the Visibility settings.

  • PK-1800 As part of our upcoming maps and site plan overhaul we have added new site plan tools. Listed under the ‘Features’ tool and you can add other structures as well as Scenery: Ground, Pathway, Driveway & Carparks, Road and Water. *This tool is currently avaliable, more updates and PlanStudio Academy training coming soon*

  • PK-1813 We have made performance improvements when creating new nodes on zones.

  • PK-1810 Identified zones no longer show on legends if they’re hidden by the framing margin.


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