PlanStudio Update - V4341

Updated: May 8, 2020

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

Legend icon sorting

  • Icons in diagram legends can now be sorted using Icon Filters

Only available to users with Partner administration access, you can now fully sort the order that your icons appear in the Icon legend. To Start open up the ‘Icon Filters’ tab from the main menu.

  • The Icon Filter Manager now has 2 sections; Whitelist and Order

When in the Icon filter page you now have these two new options at the top, Whitelist and Order.

  • Whitelist is as the Icon Filter Manager used to appear

  • Order is a new section where the icons can be arranged via drag-and-drop

  • Icon Filters can be set via templates

Once you have your Icons ordered how you like, you can then apply these settings against individual templates so you can have multiple options for using in different cases with different templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the evacProcedures diagram content text key was not respected by the Evac Procedures element in templates

  • You can now once again press enter to create/update Floors in the Plan Manager

  • Pressing space after closing the Layers drawer in the editor will no longer cause it to re-open

  • Many similar situations in the app have also been fixed

  • Fixed crash when trying to resolve a conflict in a plan that's been deleted

  • Fixed crash when trying to resolve a conflict in a plan of a different partner

  • Fixed crash logging out when the Plan Manager is still loading

Recent Features

  • You can now add holes to Areas

  • Plan Footprints, Floor Footprints, and Zones (Common, Tenanted, OtherTenanted, Untenanted, Private, Interior, Identified, Presentation) can now have holes added to them.

  • You can use this to create doughnut shapes in areas and zones, clicking the button below.

  • When an area is being edited there is now a new floating toolbar above it. This toolbar lets you switch between 2 modes; Manipulation (normal area editing) and Holes.

  • In the "Hole" mode you can add holes to an existing area.

  • Holes must not intersect each other and must be entirely contained by the outline area.

  • Plan Margins on Signs can now be polygonal with free node manipulation

  • Margins is now a separate tab in Sign Preview and has a new dropdown to switch between "Rectangle" and "Polygonal" modes.

  • Switch to "Polygonal" mode to create irregular margins using the Area Editor interface that the rest of PlanStudio uses.

Original mode, set margins by entering the size of the margins on all 4 sides in millimetres.

New mode that lets you set the margins around the page using the same Zone node system as other parts of the software allowing users more control to crop their floorplan around walls and curves etc.

  • Core Icons are significantly more customisable in Icon Libraries

  • You can now change the Icon and Legend Text of Assembly Areas, Fire/Smoke Safety Walls/Doors, Evac Paths, and Alternative Evac Paths

  • Added new Measurement Mode in the Annotation tool

  • This lets you draw lines to check distances - no more adding and removing walls!

  • Editing large plans is now significantly faster

  • When manipulating an area you can now snap it back into a rectangular shape with red guidelines to help you

These red lines will show up when you are editing an object with the zone node system and you have the nodes properly aligned back to the vertical or horizontal axis.

  • If you click on a Photo in its inspector card you can now zoom in/out

When you click on a photo you have saved to an icon you can now zoom in and out when viewing it by scrolling with your mouse wheel or pinch and zooming with your fingers on a touch screen, helpful for finding those small details you need on a photo.

  • Evac Signs can now be bulk-edited

If you highlight and select multiple Evac Signs icons at once on your floorplan you can now edit the properties of them all at once (only shared properties like templates, styles and exit sign size etc, not Sign naming or individual properties). This saves the user time when changing templates or applying a new setting to multiple signs.

  • Exit Signs can now be resized per diagram

They can now be increased or reduced by the % of their current size, you can access this by clicking on the evacuation sign icon on a floorplan for the sign you want to apply the changes to, or in the Sign preview mode when viewing the Sign properties.


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