PlanStudio Update - V2.0.4957

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-1701 - Assembly Areas Specified for each Evacuation Diagram

The site plan evacuation routes from each Final Exit can now have Assembly Areas specified for each evacuation diagram.

When placing an Assembly Area icon, you can now give it a Tag.

You can then allocate the desired route for your evacuation paths to take.

If you have an evacuation route that goes to two different Assembly Areas, when in the Final Exits tool in the Evacuation Sign Preview mode you can now select Routed to Assembly Areas as an option for Final Exit Mode, this will allow you to select which Assembly Area you want to use for each exit.

By selecting multiple Assembly Areas, you will create an Evacuation route to each Assembly area.

If you change your Site Plan Path Style to Dashed Secondaries.

Then the Assembly Area tag at the top of the list becomes the primary, with all subsequent tags then becoming secondaries, the Assembly Area tag order can be changed by clicking and dragging up and down the list.

PK-1963 - Change Stairway Sections to Ramps

PlanStudio now has a new feature to change stairway sections to ramps in addition to landing/steps.

Ramps will render with arrows that point in the stairway's down direction, Clicking the Stairway Section Tool will allow you to then change segments of your selected stairs between a landing by clicking once, or to a ramp by clicking twice.

PK-1939 - New Splash Screen

PlanStudio has a brand-new splash screen!

PK-1950 - New YAH Theming Options

We have added additional theming options for the end of the YOU ARE HERE (YAH) point, You can now edit the dot sizing by changing the Circle Radius, setting this to zero means the dot will be invisible. This can be combined with or without the arrow to achieve a variety of different appearances.

Bug Fixes

  • PK-1922 - We have added tooltips to all icon buttons, now you will see the name of every Icon when you Hover over the tool.

  • PK-1925 - Fixed crash when selecting a window without a frame.

  • PK-1775 - Fixed bug where sometimes left cards would still be visible after resetting a plan.


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