PlanStudio Update - V2.3

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

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PS-142 - .csv Export

You can now export .csv files containing a list of icons, assembly areas, and evac signs, along with any data associated with them.

To export a .csv file, open the Settings menu from any plan and select the Export .csv file from the menu.

Metadata fields can be configured in icon libraries, to allow you to capture any data you would like on icons.

PS-145 - Attribtuion Prompt

PlanStudio will now always prompt you for attribution when you import graphics or georeferenced images.

You must either provide an attribution for the graphic or declare that the specific graphic does not require attribution.

Most third-party mapping services will require attributions when using their content - this prompt helps to ensure that those attributions are correctly provided,

If your image requires an attribution you will be able to select from the list of approved providers or create your own by selecting other and entering in their details.

PS-172 - Clone Themes

There is a new option in the Clone settings section in the Diagram preview. You can now choose to Clone Themes when cloning settings between diagrams.

This makes it significantly quicker to apply any per sign theming changes you made to all the signs in a floor.

PS-180 - Dark Mode

We've introduced a new option in Preferences to enable "False Colour Mode", which inverts the colours of specific layers (such as zones and walls) while preserving the colour of icons/equipment.

For most typical themes this allows users to edit plans in a dark mode.

PS-159 - Layer Opacity

Layer opacity now ranges from 15-100% rather than 0-100%, to reduce confusion caused by having a layer enabled but its opacity set all the way down.

Now, if a layer is enabled it will always be at least slightly visible in PlanStudio.

PS-158 - Graphics Scaling

Graphics can now be scaled to distort their width/height proportions, to assist in cases when source materials aren't drawn correctly to scale.

To achieve this there is a new three-point scaling mode for selected graphics, which will give you greater control over the set position/rotation/scale unlike the old two-point mode.

To use the new three-point scaling mode you now draw a line over the X & Y axis to set the width/height proportions for your graphic.

PS-164 - Geotag Check

There's a new check to ensure that geotags aren't reversed on the map as opposed to the plan.

This fixes an issue where seemingly valid geotags resulted in footprints not being placed correctly.

If you have clockwise geotags on your plan and anti-clockwise geotags on the map, PlanStudio will now detect this as being invalid.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PS-139: Fixed an issue on iPadOS where you would be randomly returned to the login screen after extended use of PlanStudio.

  • PS-173: Fixed single identified zones not displaying their label formatting controls if their formatting mode is automatic.

  • PS-132: Fixed an issue that allowed evac paths to pass through windows.

  • PS-140: Fixed the white background of zone legends being the incorrect size for identified zones with names beginning with whitespace.

  • PS-159: Fixed an issue where the wall, network, and nav mesh tools weren't obeying snapping settings properly.

  • PS-163: Fixed crash when clicking anywhere without dragging when using the building footprint creation tool.

  • PS-165: Fixed a crash when trying to save mass published diagrams on iPadOS.

  • PS-171: Fixed an incorrect "no network" error being reported that forced you to click Try Again for every single network request.

  • PS-176: Fixed wall snapping when using the manipulator to move nodes.

  • PS-177: Fixed issue where rotating a building footprint with rotation alignment enabled would cause very jittery snapping.

  • PS-183: Fixed crash caused by themeing the YAH indicator to be extremely large.

  • PS-190: Fixed wall blobs being invisible if there were no other walls in the plan.

  • PS-86: Fixed an issue that caused imported SVG graphics to be mis-sized (e.g imported snapshots were having their exit signs shrunk).


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