PlanStudio Update - V2.2.5898

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PS-17 - LiDAR Capture

On recent iPad Pro models that have LiDAR sensors, PlanStudio has a new feature that allows you to capture a LiDAR scan and convert it into a Graphic to use when drafting your plans, giving you an instant birds-eye view of your environment that’s correctly scaled.

PK-2007 - Improved Networks

Networks now have improved snapping with icons and exit signs. When drawing new networks, they will automatically snap to the centre of fixed icons and exit signs. When placing new icons and exit signs, they will now snap onto existing networks. If multiple Networks are available, then you will also have the option to select which network it is connected to via the Network Mounting drop down menu in the inspectors.

PK-2077 - Standalone Diagrams

You can now create standalone diagrams, which allow you to create diagrams without placing an Evacuation Sign or having a ‘You are here’ point.

To create a standalone diagram first enter the Diagram Preview mode on either a floor plan or a site plan.

Click on the Select Diagrams button.

You can now click on the Add Diagram button to create a new diagram for this plan.

PK-1700 - Clone Settings

When framing diagrams you now have more options to choose from when using the Clone Settings menu.

Under the Clone Plan Areas Option, you now have a drop-down menu that allows you to specify whether you want to clone the framing and margins from the Floor Plan only, Site Plan only or both, for each sign.

PK-2003 - Theming for Icon Groups

There are now additional theming options for Icon Groups. Users can now theme the Group Corner Radius to adjust the rounding of the edges for borders around Icon Groups as well as edit the Group Padding to adjust the spacing between the icons and the edge of the border around the group.

PK-2054 - Labels Mode

The Labels mode is now available on both floor plans and site plans – it has moved from the Site tool into the Features tool, alongside Fixtures and Details. Labels in floor plans work the same as Labels on Site plans, allowing users to create labels and enter text by drawing over a centre line. The centre line for a label can also be curved using the toggles at each end, or extended using the Extension nodes.

PS-56 - Bulk Property Editing

PlanStudio now has more bulk property editing options for rooms, identified zones and labels.

If you have multiple Rooms or Labels selected, you can now update all the text fields at the same time by typing in a new text for the room/label and adjust all the formatting options.

If you select multiple Identified Zones you can see the combined Estimated total area, as well as having options to adjust all the formatting for the text at the same time.

PS-19 - Watermarks

There are new changes to how the Draft watermarks over diagrams work. Rather than appearing only over the Plan Area on your templates, where it could previously get covered or be in the way of other parts of your plan, the draft watermark is now always on top of the whole sign.

PS-4 - Selecting Multiple Footprints

When viewing and editing floor/plan footprints in your site plan you can now use the shift-key for selecting multiple footprints, making it much easier to select everything you need to edit in one go, For users on a touch screen device, you can enable the Virtual Shift Key in the Preferences menu.

PS-42 - Mass Publishing

When mass publishing Diagrams we have updated the messages to avoid any confusion.

PlanStudio now shows a ‘Publishing’ message when you are first publishing the diagrams.

"Downloading PDF" rather than "Generating PDF" when they are being saved to avoid confusion when downloading diagrams.

PS-41 - Summary Screen

When viewing photos in the Summary Screen, you can now press the Download button to save all the selected photos and the Toggle Photos Button to select or Deselect all the photos from the plan summary screen.

PS-55 - Custom Theming per Diagram

There is a new menu available within the Diagram Preview for Custom Theming per diagram.

This means that each element available in theming can now be individually configured per diagram, to create completely custom appearing signs and have full control over the appearance of each one of your diagrams. This includes the option to change the sizes for things such as:

  • Exit Signs

  • You Are Here indicators

  • Leader Line Icons

  • Fixed Icons

  • Evac Path Arrows

  • North Indicators

  • Assembly Areas

You can customise the theme of each element by checking it and changing its properties. Unchecked elements will not have custom themes applied. You can apply custom themes to any theme tags that are part of the theme library as well. Theme tags can be created in the Theme Library administration section and applied to individual entities in a plan.

PS-44 - Show Secondaries Checkbox Replaced

The “Show Secondaries” checkbox of Diagrams has been replaced with a choice of Hide All, Hide Nearby, and Show All:

Hide all will only show the Primary evacuation route on your sign.

Hide Nearby will show all the evacuation paths that exit through different ends of the building and will ignore any paths that join up or evacuate through exits that are near another path.

Show all will show every possible evacuation route including those that have targets nearby or exits nearby.

PS-117 - Export as .dxf

PlanStudio now supports exporting of .dxf files, to capture and import all of the structural elements and zones into AutoCAD and other CAD applications that support the file format. To export a .dxf file open the settings menu from the floorplan you wish to export and select the Export .dxf file option.

PS-85 - Pen Mode

The Pen mode of the Wall tool now behaves similarly to the Pen mode in PlanStudio’s other tools, allowing users to draw a straight line to start your path and can then extend and modify it using the middle node of the wall, or the Extension Nodes at either end. This change greatly improves undo/redo handling when drawing curved walls and solves an issue where previously you could not undo/redo changes made with the pen tool.

PS-141 - Area/Path Nodes

The circle handles that you can drag to create new nodes in areas/paths now have a semi-transparent fill for improved legibility when editing zones.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

PS-50 Fixed a crash caused when moving multiple vertical Detail lines.

PS-93 Fixed a crash when importing georeferenced images onto site plans that are not perfectly geotagged.

PK-2000 Fixed a crash caused by zooming out too far.

PK-2158 Fixed an “Error: Unsupported wall” crash.

PK-2159 Fixed a crash caused by trying to open plans from your recents list that have been deleted from our servers.

PS-109 Fixed a crash caused by trying to publish large site plans.

PK-2172 Fixed an issue that caused icon groups hidden by margins to still be visible when in the layouts mode of Diagram Preview.

PK-2186 Fixed an issue that caused door openings to not render correctly on single-line walls.

PS-116 Fixed an issue that caused fixtures rotated in a certain way to rotate even more every time the arrow keys were used to nudge them.

PS-119 Fixed a bug that caused footprints to not import correctly into site plans when tenanted/common zones were being used.

PS-124 Fixed an issue when publishing diagrams containing plans that didn’t have any fixtures in them.

PS-129 Fixed grid snapping not snapping to the nearest point on the grid.

PS-26 Fixed an issue with large U-shaped wall blobs causing certain walls to vanish.

PS-59 Fixed an issue that caused Zone layers to stay visible after adding new zones, even though the user had disabled the layer.

PS-60 The New Sign menu that appears when you add a new evac sign now hides automatically.

PS-62 Handrails no longer interact incorrectly with wall blobs.

PS-63 Fixed an issue where slowly highlighting text in an inspector caused the right-click menu with the “Select Similar” option to open.

PS-68 Fixed an issue that caused adding icons to leader line icons to not work some of the time.

PS-69 Fixed an issue that made it possible to select locked Zone types while using the Zone tool.

PS-73 Fixed an issue that caused the Icon Filter setting of Evac Signs to not default to “Defer to Template”.

PS-74 Fixed an issue that caused searches in the Plan Manager to ignore joining words.

PS-76 Fixed an issue that caused .cssplan imports to incorrectly crop graphics.

PS-79 Fixed the ‘You Are Here’ indicator not always rendering correctly in the theme library editor.

PS-80 Fixed an inconsistency in placeholder text for Sign Refs when previewing diagram templates vs editing them.

PS-88 Fixed layer group buttons in the template editor appearing as grey.

PS-91 Fixed the campus location search results not appearing under the search text box.

PS-94 Fixed an issue with the appearance of openings drawn on curved walls.

PS-95 Fixed an issue in Diagram Templates that caused the text in Legends to not respect the “Default Text Colour” setting.

PS-108 Fixed some attribution strings not using the current year.


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