PlanStudio Update - V2.2.5898

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PS-17 - LiDAR Capture

On recent iPad Pro models that have LiDAR sensors, PlanStudio has a new feature that allows you to capture a LiDAR scan and convert it into a Graphic to use when drafting your plans, giving you an instant birds-eye view of your environment that’s correctly scaled.

PK-2007 - Improved Networks

Networks now have improved snapping with icons and exit signs. When drawing new networks, they will automatically snap to the centre of fixed icons and exit signs. When placing new icons and exit signs, they will now snap onto existing networks. If multiple Networks are available, then you will also have the option to select which network it is connected to via the Network Mounting drop down menu in the inspectors.

PK-2077 - Standalone Diagrams

You can now create standalone diagrams, which allow you to create diagrams without placing an Evacuation Sign or having a ‘You are here’ point.

To create a standalone diagram first enter the Diagram Preview mode on either a floor plan or a site plan.

Click on the Select Diagrams button.

You can now click on the Add Diagram button to create a new diagram for this plan.

PK-1700 - Clone Settings

When framing diagrams you now have more options to choose from when using the Clone Settings menu.

Under the Clone Plan Areas Option, you now have a drop-down menu that allows you to specify whether you want to clone the framing and margins from the Floor Plan only, Site Plan only or both, for each sign.

PK-2003 - Theming for Icon Groups

There are now additional theming options for Icon Groups. Users can now theme the Group Corner Radius to adjust the rounding of the edges for borders around Icon Groups as well as edit the Group Padding to adjust the spacing between the icons and the edge of the border around the group.

PK-2054 - Labels Mode

The Labels mode is now available on both floor plans and site plans – it has moved from the Site tool into the Features tool, alongside Fixtures and Details. Labels in floor plans work the same as Labels on Site plans, allowing users to create labels and enter text by drawing over a centre line. The centre line for a label can also be curved using the toggles at each end, or extended using the Extension nodes.

PS-56 - Bulk Property Editing

PlanStudio now has more bulk property editing options for rooms, identified zones and labels.