PlanStudio Update - V2.1.5521

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-2097 - Mass Publishing

PlanStudio has a new feature for Mass Publishing all the Evacuation Diagrams for a campus, this allows you to quickly publish all the signs for a job in one go as well as download and save all the PDF’s in one click of a button.

In the Campus page of the Plan Manager there is now a new option to choose between viewing the Plans in a Campus or the Diagrams.

Choosing Diagrams will then open a menu which allows you to see all the signs placed withing all the Buildings for the Campus.

To use Mass Publishing, you need to go through and tick all the Buildings or individual Signs you want to include in the Publish.

From this menu you will be able to check all the Templates being used, the person who the sign was last Published By as well as the last Publish Date and Time and the Publish Type either Draft or Final Publish, as well as having the option to preview any sign in the list for checking or last minute changes.

Once you have checked each sign is ready to publish, includes a Template and has all the minimum elements filled out, then you can choose your publish option, we recommend always using Publish with Watermark first so you can check you are happy with the output or send them to your client before committing to a final publish.

Please make sure you leave the program open while it publishes and if any errors are encountered please check that you don’t re-publish any signs after correcting the issue.

PK-2146 - Fixed Scenery Layer Issue

Fixed an issue where the scenery layer was not an option in the Siteplan tab, under the Settings Menu when editing diagram templates.

PK-2141 - Natural Rotation Warning Message

A warning message is now displaying when changing a site plan’s natural rotation as this may affect the appearance of the site plan framing for all signs in that campus.

PK-2067 - Toolbar Simplified

To simplify the toolbar, we have removed the Block Plan tool and moved the Alarm Zones and Rooms to now be part of the Zone Tool.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PK-2147 - We have removed the scenery layer from the visibility settings for floor plans as this is a Site plan Specific tool.

  • PK-2145 - Added a new icon for the "add hole" button when editing complex areas or adding cutouts in the middle of Zones.

  • PK-2076 - There's now a button to the right of the copy/paste buttons that centres on the currently selected item.PK-2053 - Updated the Locatrix logo and login background with the new Locatrix colours.

  • PK-2033 - Unused Diagram templates can now be deleted from the Diagram Templates Menu.

  • PK-2055 - We have made some changes to dynamically reposition the YAH dot, so it always appears nicely positioned on walls regardless of the scale or zoom of the plan.

  • PK-2063 - The Billable Area is now visible on the plan Summary screen.

  • PK-2119 - Increased the performance of the sign-gen service.

  • PK-2053 - Updated the Locatrix logo and login background with the new Locatrix colours.

  • PK-2111 - Fixed a crash when importing some floor footprints.

  • PK-2099 - Fixed an issue where Diagrams with slashes (/) in their Sign reference were not able to be published.

  • PK-2140 - Fixed an issue where there would be extreme lag when moving furniture with arrow keys.

  • PK-2126 - Mitigated an issue where plans were not saved on the web version by saving more often.

  • PK-2131 - Fixed an issue where “null” appeared on the plan duplication menu.

  • PK-2167 - Improved error handling when publishing a sign with an invalid template.

  • PK-2095 - Updated versioning to be consistent across all builds. The next version will be 2.1.xxxx, followed by 2.2.xxxx.

  • PK-2174 - Fixed a crash when searching icon libraries.

  • PK-1991 - Fixed the wall circle tool showing the incorrect radius.

  • PK-2169 - Fixed the different grey/orange evac sign pins from coming up blue in PDFs.

  • PK-2132 - There's now a warning message when migrating unknown floor and plan footprints.

API & SDK Related Updates

  • PK-2074 - You can now query clicked components through the JavaScript SDK.

  • PK-2124 - Fixed an issue where the JavaScript SDK was panning slightly after zooming.

  • PK-2123 - Fixed an issue where the JavaScript SDK was not showing the Satellite layer correctly.

  • PK-2076 - The JavaScript SDK now has an API to animate the camera to a focal point, zoom and rotation over a duration.

  • PK-2125 - Fixed an issue where the JavaScript SDK was not caching the map tiles.