PlanStudio Update - V2.0.5395

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-2048 - Customisable Directional Exit Signs

Directional-style Exit Sign graphics can now be customised in the Icon Library Editor. Directional Exit Sign can be found under the Core Icons section of the Icon Library.

When editing the Directional Exit Signs, you will need to upload both the right and left facing images so the running man or image can automatically adjust depending on the view.

These images can be any shape you like if they fit inside the square upload box.

To enable Directional-style Icons head to the Theme Library and change the Appearance from Physical to Directional.

The Background colour will also need to be changed to the main colour of the Exit Sign for the arrows to be the same colour as the uploaded images.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PK-2120 - Fixed an issue where drawing a door on a wall more than 212mm thick or more will not create an opening.

  • PK-2105 - Fixed an issue where placing notes anywhere on a plan would attach it to a graphic.

  • PK-2108 - Fixed a rare ‘Invalid PDF structure’ crash.

  • PK-2106 - Fixed an issue that occurred when opening the site plan tab while geotagging in the case where there’s never been a site plan was causing screen glitches.

  • PK-2099 - Fixed an issue where signs containing a slash ‘/ ’ in the Sign reference were failing to publish.

  • PK-1900 + PK-2090 - More scalable services powering PlanStudio.

  • PK-2010 - Fixed an issue where changing accounts on PlanStudio forced you to close the consent popup after switching accounts.

API & SDK Related Updates

  • PK-2081 - Added a scale-bar to the Javascript SDK.

  • PK-2075 - Tapping the compass indicator on the Javascript SDK now toggles between drafted and north up. This is configurable.


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