PlanStudio Update - V2.0.5311

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-1735 - Virtual Shift Button for Touch Devices

For all touch screen devices PlanStudio now has a virtual shift button in the bottom right corner of the screen to make it easier do things that would usually require a keyboard such as holding shift to select multiple objects.

PK-1912 - Site Plans Update (Building Footprints)

As part of our site plans update, all building footprints are now consolidated into one tool and sorted into groups making it much easier to organise, view, sort and hide the building footprints on a site plan.

Along with the re-structuring of building footprints there is now an additional footprint type, the Building Footprint.

Building Footprints are used to outline the extents of the entire building and are automatically generated by combining all the external outlines from the other footprints in the building.

All the other grey footprints for neighboring buildings on the site plan are now also included in this list and display as an Unknown Building.

Upon opening an existing job you may be asked to Convert Footprints for the existing buildings on your site plan, this will convert all the existing Plan and Floor footprints into the new format and create a new Building Footprint.

For all new jobs the process remains the same, you can Import Building Foortprints by using the Interior zones from your floorplans but now the list of available floorplans is now sorted by building.

Once your buildings are Imported;

  1. The user can toggle visibility via the outlines down the left.

  2. The user can select footprints via the outlines on the right.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PK-2019 - We have updated the documentation for the Plans Embed API that we are still currently developing, If you have a use case or any ideas on how such a capability could help you and your business then please contact your technical consultant for more information and to access to the documentation.

  • PK-2008 - Fixed a rare issue where the sync button vanished, and signs wouldn’t load and PlanStudio could not be closed.

  • PK-2085 - Fixed an issue that could occur where the sign preview occasionally wouldn’t work if the campus site plan had not been created first.


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