PlanStudio Update - V2.0.5248

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-2070 - Bing Maps Integration

Locatrix is proud to announce our exciting new integration with Bing Maps, PlanStudio now has a new option to directly import a Bing Maps satellite image as a layer for creating site plans for new campuses, or to add as a layer to existing site plans!

To use the Bing Maps Satellite imagery for your site plans, begin by locating your campus at the Campus Creation page.

With your Campus located, open the site plan and then choose the USE SATELLITE LAYER option to directly import a satellite view from Bing into PlanStudio, This Image will then populate the new Satellite Layer in the Visibility Settings.

This satellite view will always stay up to date with the latest satellite imagery from Bing Maps, Allowing you to use this image directly on your diagrams, or as a base layer to reference when drafting site plans from scratch using PlanStudio’s Site Plan Scenery Tools.

As part of this integration, after you have imported a satellite view of your campus, you can rotate the image to the correct viewing orientation by using Shift + the middle mouse button on a PC, or by using two fingers to rotate the screen on a touch screen device. When the angle is set you can save this as the natural rotation for your plans to continue working in your preferred orientation.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PK-2051 - Fixed issue where angle snapping was snapping to multiples of the current rotation rather than zero degrees.


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