PlanStudio Update - V2.0.5167

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-1957 - New File Types and Icons

Import/Export for Diagram Templates, Icon Filters, Icon Libraries, Network Libraries and Theme Libraries - they now all have different file types and a nice icon rather than the default blank file icon.

PK-1899 - Select Similar Objects

As part of our upcoming features around reporting from PlanStudio we have added some options to Select Similar objects in PlanStudio.

The Select Similar feature is designed to help PlanStudio users locate and then isolate or select any other objects in a plan that share properties.

This can be used to Select Similar objects on any item in PlanStudio that has editable properties from walls, doors and stairs to networks, icons and zones.

To access the Select Similar feature you can right click on any device that uses a mouse or long press, by holding down your stylus (or also the left mouse button) for a prolonged period on any input that has the function.

PK-1859 - New Snapping Option

PlanStudio now has a new Snapping option. We have added a new option for Position Alignment to the plan editor.

Turning on this new function makes it significantly easier to create a neat array of objects that should be evenly spaced on a plan.

Position Alignment can be used when placing objects in a straight line.

Or to form part of a grid:

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PK-2032 - We have re-added and improved the animations to the plan manager that had to be removed on the last update due to compatibility issues with iOS 14.

  • PK-2071 - Fixed a crash when saving or cancelling out of the Diagram Template Editor.

  • PK-2050 - Fixed the Category drop down menu not being visible in the Fixture Editor.


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