PlanStudio Update - V2.0.4882

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

What's new in the latest version of PlanStudio!

PK-1897 - Custom Attribution for Uploaded Images

We now have an easy way to specify and add a custom attribution for uploaded images/graphics that you are including in your published works.

When an external image is included in a site-plan, such as a map, whether it is provided directly from a Map provider or uploaded by Locatrix, along with ensuring that you have the legal permissions to use the image, most providers also require that you display an attribution (e.g. "© MapCompany 2020") somewhere on the image. This new PlanStudio feature helps streamline this process by enabling the user to easily set an Attribution which will then be added to the published sign.

To add an Attribution to an image, first select the Graphic and then click the © at the bottom of its properties card.

You will then have the option to select a company to Attribute from using a list of our built-in providers.

Or select Other so you can create your own and add a label for the type of Intellectual property.

Your new Attribution will then appear under the graphic’s properties.

Depending on your template this Attribution will now either appear where you have chosen to set the Attribution Text Key on your template.

Or if no Attribution Text Key is set then it will appear automatically by default in the bottom right corner of the Site plan.

PK-1876 - New Theme Library Editor

A new Theme Library Editor is now available under the Main Menu for all users with administration privileges.

You can use Themes to Customize or change the overall appearance of your entire plans or specific entities using by using Theme Tags.

You have the choice to apply your changes to a Global Theme which will apply your changes to affect your entire partnership, for example, if you wanted all your walls to be drawn with a solid black fill.

Or you can also add a new Tag.

You can set custom Theme properties which can then be applied to a specific Entity on your floorplan.

To apply your custom Theme to an object, you first select the object, then select the Entity Card above the properties of your selected object, you can then select the new Theme Tag you want to use on this object.

This allows you to edit the properties and customize the appearance of every element in PlanStudio.

PK-1916 - Change Scenery Types in Site Plans

You can now change the between types of existing Scenery drawn on site plans.

By selecting any existing Scenery item, you can now change to a different Scenery type by selecting the new type from the drop-down menu.

This also works with bulk selection (multiple Scenery items selected at once).

PK-1885 - Updated Names for Site Tools

We have updated the names for all the Site Tools. The Creation menu on the left now displays the correct title for each tool when using Labels or Floor & Plan Footprints.

PK-1887 - Prevention for Duplicate Sign Refs

PlanStudio will now prevent users from setting signs with duplicate Sign Refs, any existing signs will be unaffected but will show an error message when selected for preview or you attempt to publish.

As part of this update any Autogenerated signs that don’t have a template set will now appear in the Sign Preview, but they will not be visible until they have a template.

PK-1917 - Scenery Now Visible When Adding Geotags

You can now see all of your drafted site plan Scenery when adding Geotags to a floorplan in the Spatial Settings. This means you can now geotag directly from a site plan you have created rather then the satellite or hybrid view when you are not using an imported site plan Image from a map provider.

Bug Fixes

  • PK-1895 - We have made significant improvements to the rendering performance in the Plan Viewer and PlanStudio Editor, this will result in shorter load times across PlanStudio.

  • PK-1505 - Path editor no longer defaults to drawing mode when adding new Site Labels, Scenery, Details and Fixtures, solving an issue where users would sometime add an additional node when trying to click to deselect a tool.

  • PK-1786 - The direct Sign Preview button has been removed from the Evacuation Sign properties on the right. Now the Sign Preview button in the top tool bar will either take you to view the first sign on your list or If you have an Evacuation Sign selected on your floorplan it will display your currently selected Evacuation Sign.

  • PK-1889 - Fixed issue where Evacuation Signs were difficult to select/move after placing them.

  • PK-1909 - Fixed some rare instances in iOS where the iPad onscreen keyboard could cause parts of the interface to get stuck halfway offscreen.

  • PK-1920 - We have added a hotkey to delete objects in the Template Editor. Now clicking the delete (del) button on your keyboard removes any selected objects.


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