PlanSafe Update - V429

What's new in the latest version of PlanSafe!

FEP-4129 - Added options when adding a new campus to PlanSafe.

There are now two new options available when adding a campus into PlanSafe.


This is the default option which will allow you to add a new campus without anything being assigned, allowing you to set up the new campus and all its configurations from scratch.

Clone an existing Campus

Selecting this option will clone all configurations from another campus of your choice from the same PlanSafe. This will copy all navigations, questions, worker types, induction requirements, assessment settings, declarations and learner classes from the selected campus.

PN-43 - Added an indicator for Sandbox campuses for learners.

When adding locations as a learner, any sandbox campuses will be clearly labelled with red ‘Sandbox’ text.

PN-130 - Added a loading wheel to report generation.

When you are generating a report, a loading wheel will now be shown to reduce confusion caused by a blank screen being shown when a report was previously being generated.

PN-179 - Added additional details to the FSA table in generated documents.

Previously when the FSA information has been added through document generation, the Registered Training Organisation and Qualification Issue Date fields were omitted. The table has now been updated to include this information.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • PN-113: Added Foam Extinguisher to document generation.

  • PN-126: Removed the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services logo and all associated settings.

  • PN-129: Moved the draft watermark on sandbox campuses to the corner of the screen so it doesn’t take up the entirety of the screen.

  • PN-195: When using a Single Sign-On service, learner details will be updated automatically on login.

  • PN-111: Users using a LMS will no longer receive reminder emails.

  • PN-116: Fixed an issue where administrators were unable to add multiple reporting domains.

  • PN-125: Fixed an issue where deactivated learner account entries wouldn’t have strikethroughs.

  • PN-135: Fixed an issue where campus photos were unable to be imported.

  • PN-145: Fixed an issue where document generation would add page breaks after parent headers.

  • PN-131: Fixed an issue where custom report emails were not respecting the repeat interval setting.

  • PN-150: Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances deactivated users were able to log in and carry out training.

  • PN-153: Fixed an issue where the Client.Name and Client.Address merge fields weren’t working correctly.

  • PN-157: Fixed an issue where View Regions wouldn’t work unless there were two or more areas.

  • PN-158: Fixed a typo when bulk adding new induction requirements.

  • FEP-4123: Fixed an issue where the expired filter in Documents & Records was working incorrectly.

  • FEP-4126: Fixed an issue where videos were unable to be uploaded through the content editor.