Meet the Customer Success Team

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

When you call Locatrix for support, you will be greeted by one of our friendly Customer Success team members.

The role of the Customer Success Team is to talk to you about your needs and identify where Locatrix can do better in serving your organisation and keeping your people safe. At Locatrix we are all about Saving Lives and we take this very seriously. Every team member at Locatrix truly believes in our values;

Openness with Respect

Less Fear and More Heart

Value your team; and above all

Don’t screw the customer!

We live by these in our every day actions but most of all we come into work for one reason only, to Save Lives.

Georgia Hughes

Georgia Hughes started with Locatrix just 6 months ago but has already learnt so much. Assisting in Compliance, Finance and Administration she has already got herself right across the business.

With a Bachelor of Business at QUT, Georgia has worked across a few different industries including Real Estate. When presented with the opportunity to work with Locatrix she especially liked the idea of Locatrix’s company purpose – Saving Lives. Georgia says “It is comforting to know that every decision we make and every customer we speak to, you are contributing to a common goal” Georgia continues “I remember being glued to the TV when the Lindt Café siege was happening in Sydney and being so distraught by what I was seeing. It makes me proud to know that the work we do at Locatrix has the potential to reduce the reaction time in finding floorplans in an emergency situation.”

Juliana Lees aka “Jules”

Jules has studied Bachelor of Business Management at UQ, focussing in Real Estate Valuation, Advertising, and Corporations Law. Jules has too many varying interests and experiences; holding a Certificate in Laboratory Skills, having worked as a tutor and has also worked on construction sites, in hospitals, and even a brief stint in acting! Coming from a family of teachers and architects Jules says “I've always had an interest in learning, real estate and architecture, so initially starting out at Locatrix as a Plan Drafter was a job that didn't seem like a job at all. Not only providing me with a creative output and work I can be proud of, but also reflecting the main principle and driving force of Locatrix.” Even though Jules has only been at Locatrix a short time, she has already learnt the value of how our work at Locatrix, regardless of its size and effort, all contributes to saving lives. “The beauty of this is the butterfly effect - something that will ultimately impact the world as a whole. Realising and reflecting on this means that at Locatrix, we are constantly working on better solutions and products we can provide to our community.”

Jack Hummelstad

Jack has been part time at Locatrix for the past 3 years while studying Information Technology and Business at Griffith University, gaining practical experience in Plan Drafting and becoming one of our lead PlanStudio users. 2021 sees Jack move into the Customer Success team, working on client support and inside sales for Locatrix.

Jack already holds a Diploma of business and is in his final year of Business, majoring in entrepreneurship at Griffith University.

Before working at Locatrix, Jack worked part-time during his studies and had a colourful and entertaining past including being a Magician’s assistant as well as part-time worker at Dreamworld.

Locatrix is a very special company in the sense that it’s in a unique market specialising in fire safety solutions, yet also endeavouring down the path of providing innovative technology to the industry. I personally really enjoy the technology aspect of the company and providing that technology to people, making their lives easier by saving time, money and resources whilst also saving lives".

Jamie Eade

Jamie began his journey at Locatrix as a part time Plan Drafter while completing his degree Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice as well as a certificate 3 in Business. Developing into one of Locatrix’s most experience PlanStudio users, Jamie has moved into the Customer Success team providing customer support and Inside Sales for Locatrix.

Not afraid of hard physical work, Jamie worked as a labourer for a Landscaping on weekends while completing his HSC and studies.

I really enjoy working at Locatrix, particularly due to the set of products we have (PlanStudio, PlanSafe & ESP) as I believe that it can help save lives all over the world. I really enjoy the psychology part of my sales role in terms of understanding my partners and clients so I can help in the best possible way. It is also very rewarding when we are able to find better solutions together so that we can achieve the main goal in saving lives.

Amanda Eade

Amanda Eade is the Executive Manager leading this team, Amanda says that in her 8 years at Locatrix she has gained vast experience in a lot of areas such as Finance, Compliance, HR, Payroll, Administration, Management, becoming a Fire Safety Advisor and gaining skills in Sales. Amanda holds an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and a Diploma in Quality Auditing.

Prior to Locatrix Amanda juggled being a mum to two young children with Bookkeeping for a couple of different organisations part time while running her family business. Yes she has just two arms, but like most working mums she has learnt to move them very quickly.

“I love working at Locatrix because I really enjoy what I do and also love the people that I work with. The company is family orientated which also makes it a special place to work".


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