Locatrix wins Suncorp Tender

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Locatrix is pleased to announce its recent success in being awarded the contract for the Provision of Emergency Management Services for the Suncorp Group. Following a rigorous tender process, Suncorp adopted Locatrix’s online safety induction and emergency management program PlanSafe to provide safety information and safety training to their employees and wardens through a single system that enables them to achieve compliance with the current WH&S Legislation, the Building Fire Safety Regulation: 2008 and Australian Standard (AS 3745-2010).

Suncorp’s needed to find an online system to induct people, with different roles and responsibilities

Operating in an industry that is required to pass stringent annual accreditation checks and in which emergency situations occur more frequently, Suncorp needed to ensure that its 200+ facilities were compliant and that its 13,500+ employees were properly trained for every emergency. Suncorp’s needed to find an online system to induct people, with different roles and responsibilities, with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they remain safe.

The scope of the tender included the Emergency Management and Induction training and the ability for customisation to Suncorp’s specific requirements. As Suncorp has specific requirements for staff, much configuration work will be invested to create a specific induction portal which cover the broad set of content that Suncorp must manage. Interactive floor plans will be created for each site and building to provide familiarisation of one’s site.

Go-live is planned for February 2020 and we are looking forward to assisting Suncorp in their efforts to provide a compliant Emergency Management solution for all buildings and staff.


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