February 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Welcome to an exciting New Year!

We at Locatrix have a stack of surprises in store for our Partner community for 2020, helping you improve your processes to deliver high quality service and product to your client base.

PlanStudio’s innovation gives great hope to the Fire Industry.  Many new partners have come to us thanks to your word of mouth, so much so that we would like to reward new business through Partner referrals with a 50 free evacuation sign offer.

We are working on developing Marketing material to tell our story. Special thanks to Kim Steedman from Dynamick Fire for her interview on how PlanStudio has helped her business grow.  Kim is such a great advocate for PlanStudio and always comes to us with great ideas of how to improve the product to enhance the user experience as many of you do.  We are very grateful to all our Partner network for your feedback, as we endeavour to further develop and provide you with a product that continues to surprise you. 

What's New

In our quest to make life easier out on site, we have developed a number of tutorial animated videos which currently sit on our YouTube channel but will soon be imbedded in PlanStudio “help” as a link within each icon. We are also at the initial stages of planning to develop a PlanStudio Training Academy. This program will provide the skills and knowledge to learn how to us the PlanStudio software tool, providing learners with self-paced online training at a time that is suitable to them. We hope to trial this to selected partners of the new PlanStudio Training Academy by the end of April and you will be notified as soon as it is released. Until then, please follow the link to the tutorial videos and we welcome your feedback.


PlanStudio has many Partner driven improvements in development including self management of PlanStudio accounts, ability to create and edit templates, full control over icon libraries and styles and many more.


The PlanSafe platform is receiving a makeover and improvements will provide partners with the ability to further customise their settings to better suit the end user. 

We will be providing a step-by-step PlanSafe user guide, available in the “help” section and further enhancements to optimising our end users/learners experience.  Our training content will be redeveloped starting with a fresh new course and video on Fire Compartments releasing shortly.

We are looking at the best way to communicate and show you improvements as they are released including the introduction of webinars which we plan to develop by mid year.


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