Taking on the Gold Coast Kokoda - Fraser Kahler achieves his goal

Fraser Kahler has been a director of Locatrix for the past three years. What drew him to Locatrix was the strong sense of values our company holds, and also the opportunity for him to contribute to our shared purpose of Saving Lives.

Why? Because doing something for someone else makes you feel good. We all like to do what we can to “give back” and this past weekend Fraser did just that by participating in the Kokoda trail event here on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The event, completed in teams of four, provided opportunity to achieve a shared goal which also seemed like an exciting challenge for Fraser.

“I did it for a personal challenge because so many people who had completed the Kokoda Challenge said it was the most physically and mentally challenging sporting event they had completed and that a marathon was nothing in comparison to the challenge Kokoda set”.

“The training, team comradery and desire to finish within our goal time all contributed to a good result on the day. We finished in a little over 21 hours (average team time is 27 hours) to complete the 96km course”

Fraser’s wife and two children were very supportive, like any major event, training meant time away from family but they knew it was important to him and for the charity he wanted to support.

“The generous donations received from personal contributions and companies like Locatrix were well and truly appreciated. These donations go towards a great cause to raise funds for kids who participate in Youth Programs run by the Kokoda Youth Foundation”.

Building confidence and resilience among our youth no doubt prepares them with a better endurance to face the challenges every day life will undoubtedly dish out. Kokoda Youth Foundation, having been established in 2004 is designed to encourage youth in local communities to undergo life changing experiences, allowing them to reach their full potential as young adults.

“I had a first-hand experience with the local charity at my post-race recovery (P3 Recovery Centre). Whilst at the recovery center I spoke with one of the supervisors of the youths who competed in the 96 km event. These youths ranged from 14-16 years old. All youths must be selected to participate in the event and come from all walks of life, but the main focus is comradery (like the Kokoda spirit) and to support teenagers through some of the most challenging times in their lives. It builds confidence and mental strength within our youth and is critical in the future success and happiness of the next generation. I just think it’s a great event and a fantastic cause. Well worth the training and the effort!”

Well done Fraser!