Kris Brown

Updated: Mar 15

Why am I still here after 10 years at Locatrix?

Kristopher Brown’s first day at Locatrix was on 14 Jun 2010. 3,913 days and counting. Beginning as a full time drafter, he was initially trained in using CorelDRAWX5 to create evacuation diagrams and using Adobe Flash to create the interactive Fire and Evacuation Program “There’s a few people out there who will understand my pain experienced then”.

Quickly recognising Kris’ people skills and ability to work with others to solve problems, he was promoted to Fire Safety Consultant in October 2014. “Being a ‘Fire Safety Consultant’ gave me the opportunity to get out of the office and visit some very interesting workplaces like Airports, Control Towers, Hospitals to name a few. The job at hand was to complete site inspections, develop emergency procedures and provide Fire Safety Adviser services”.

A natural progression into Account Management followed in 2016.

“In this role I was dealing directly with our customers. Understanding their compliance problems and finding a solution. It was around time we won a PlanSafe contract with a major airline and the very early concept of digitising a floorplan mark-up (PlanStudio) was born.”

Now as a Business Development Manager, Kris is working with our network of Partners who we were once competing with in the emergency management market.

“It has been rewarding to increase their efficiency with PlanStudio and introduce PlanSafe to their service offering”

Like many of us, Kris has some tales to tell from work experience prior to Locatrix

“After school I worked on a production line manufacturing mosquito repellent. I thought I should get a new job one day after inhaling a bit too much diethyltoluamide. At least the Mosquitos avoid me now. I also had a roofing job. That was fun. I remember being told “don’t stand too close to the edge, otherwise the OH&S guy might see that you’re not wearing a safety harness”.

“I almost landed a job at Officeworks. Until I showed up for an interview and there was no job. A friend had prank called me lining up a bogus interview a week prior. Still have the friend and probably did need to buy a new suit anyway”.

Why am I still here after 10 years at Locatrix?

I’m here because I know we’re on to something big! As soon as PlanStudio became a product we saw immediate efficiencies with our own clients. We could have capitalised from these efficiencies and become extremely price competitive, but instead we made a moral decision to share it with the industry. The goal is to accumulate floorplan data across the globe and share it with the emergency services. It’s the type of stuff you see in movies and I’m proud to be part of it.”