Locatrix News – June 2019

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

There have been lots of improvements and updates within Locatrix this month, and we’d love to share them with you!


  • We have successfully achieved re-certification of ISO 9001 (Quality), Safety AS/NZS 4801 & OHSAS18001 (Work Health Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) standards, with only minimal observations from the auditor in their findings.

  • During Q3 we completed External Audits Phase 1 and Phase 2 to achieve Information Security Management certification ISO 27001. This was an enormous effort and puts Locatrix at the forefront of software certification.


  • PlanSafe now has the ability to automatically generate a printable Fire & Evacuation Plan (FEP) document and also compliant wall-mounted evacuation signs, made possible by the ability to change once and publish many times in many places with a consistent message from a single source of truth. In the beginning, the Production, Drafting and Software Teams at Locatrix had to take great care when setting up a client’s PlanSafe FEP and training system (and when printing the client’s wall-mounted evacuation signs) to ensure that all the elements were telling a consistent story. This is critical as people’s lives depend on it – and with PlanStudio, this is automated.

  • We have also achieved great advances within our technology stack: PlanStudio, PlanSafe are underpinned by a suite of micro-services that now allow data to seamlessly flow. It is now possible to make changes (to any of the physical building changes, equipment/asset relocation, or to a company’s evacuation processes or procedures) on PlanStudio and these will flow through to the spatial plan repository.

  • We can now capture the information once and have the changes propagated through the systems creating new artefacts on the fly, namely: Evacuation Signs; updated bespoke online training.


  • The team is working towards delivering approximately 850 CBA Retail Branches before the end of FY.

  • Deliver compliance kits / online PlanSafe to each Retail Branch. a) Compliance kits consist of Evacuation Diagrams and a written Emergency Plan, fixed charts, installation, instructions, all being autogenerated from either ProductionStudio (MSUI) or our online training portal – PlanSafe.

  • The team is working towards migrating all existing FEP classic sites to the new PlanSafe platform.

Sales and Marketing

  • We are working towards a successful implementation of PlanSafe and PlanStudio at Dreamworld. This will provide Dreamworld with a single source of truth for evacuation signs, maintenance of essential safety measures and visibility of 400+ security cameras through our spatial mapping tool PlanStudio.

  • On May 14-16 May, the team headed down to Melbourne for the FPA Conference to attend stand #414 to launch and demonstrate PlanStudio to the Fire Industry. As this innovation will revolutionise the Fire Industry, it was well received by the Fire Industry.

  • Launch of Channel Partner opportunities for fire safety professionals.


The project delivery team has welcomed four new staff members over the past two months (Apr / May). Donna Corben Production, Drafting and Delivery Assistant; Namika Thornthwaite – Administration Assistant; Benjamin Jordan – Plan Drafter and Beom Joon Kim (BJ) – Plan Drafter. We feel so blessed to have recruited such positive and enthusiastic staff.

Sales have strengthened their team by recruiting Emlyn Kerr as Sales Operation Support. Cody Ross and Jayden Truman were both promoted and are also moving from the Project Delivery team to support Channel Partners as Technical Consultants. Caroline Wong, also promoted from Project Delivery will be supporting Sales as Business Development Manager.

Nathan Kirkby who has been the Project Quality Supervisor for the Project Delivery Team has been promoted to Executive Manager – Client Delivery. His focus will be managing the drafting team and the production process/output. Nathan brings 10 years’ experience and has been a significant part of maintaining quality with a great eye for detail and extensive drafting knowledge.

One significant departure was Carolyn Josey, who has been a very significant contributor to Locatrix/CSS for almost 10 years.

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