How Locatrix's Emergency Services Platform (ESP) will help Police

Updated: Jun 21

Insight from APM Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke APM has been with Locatrix as an Advisory Board member for the past two years. In that time, he has played an important role in influencing the features and development of PlanStudio, PlanSafe and the Emergency Services Platform (ESP). In sharing with us his 40+ years of policing experience, he has taught us to “think like a cop” and how to anticipate the kind of information that is needed when responding to an incident.

The ESP is Locatrix’s platform to share building floor plans and related data with Emergency Services. This includes the ability to provide live streaming of images captured by the building CCTV’s system.

In talking to Alan, he enthusiastically explains how access to this data has helped during his career: There are obvious benefits for Emergency Services. Being able to quickly access floor plans in order to plan for an operation is a great advantage. Providing that Police and other emergency responders have access to mobile communications, the ESP will improve decision making, aid with building searches, improve response to criminal sieges, provide information when investigating misadventure, bomb threats, rescue, evacuation – any situation where the internal layout of a building is important. Knowing the floor plan before you go in would greatly assist tactical commanders”.

From a Planning perspective, ESP would have been a great asset. Particularly, when organising security operations for visiting dignitaries or public events. Having building plans for the host building as well as for surrounding buildings would aid in both the planning and execution phases. Having PlanStudio’s access to floorplans would allow planners to quickly plot resources, access and egress routes, stand down areas, command post etc. It would have been a huge benefit in my former role of Commander Major Events and Incidents Group”.

Alan also emphasises the benefits of keeping officers safe.

When you sign up for the cops, you know that every day there is a chance that you will be placed in danger to protect and serve, that’s what it is all about. Now in my retirement, I am very proud to be working with Locatrix to help design and implement tools that NSW Police and other Emergency Services can use to not just protect the community but to protect themselves”.

By Helen Hall, Executive Manager Marketing Strategy