Emlyn Kerr

Updated: Mar 29

Locatrix Account Manager

Emlyn Kerr moved up from the big smoke of Sydney to the Gold Coast of Queensland to start a new life of "country living" with her husband and two children in May of 2019.

Within the first week of her move she commenced working at Locatrix in Sales Operation Support. This role helped her learn about Locatrix and how to best understand the needs or our customers.

With this experience and Emlyn’s adaptable nature she was able to move easily into an Account Manager role in July 2020 which she is now enjoying.

“As our products are all online and IT driven, we recognise the importance of staying on top of emerging technology trends. In consultation with our Partner and Client base and meeting the market demands, Locatrix responds to this by producing the highest quality of content, keeping in line with current legislation and compliance standards”.

Emlyn holds an Advanced Diploma in Executive Office Management, Certificate IV in Business Management, as well as qualifications in office administration management.

Emlyn’s road which led her to Locatrix has been one of varying experience across industries including horse racing and has even been a Vet nurse. She has worked in construction with architects and property developers, then switched to Banking while working overseas in the UK. She has also had a stint in Recruitment and Insurance.

“Whilst working in these industries the thought never crossed my mind that I may not know where and how to react to an emergency in the office, and now seeing how devastating it can be when an accident happens which can easily be prevented if the occupants had the awareness and simple education like PlanSafe, and the framework PlanStudio gives to build this.”

Technology aside, Emlyn’s real passion is with Horses and the main driver to moving up to Queensland was to realise her dream of living on land and have her own pet Horse “Buddy” who she rides most mornings before coming to the office. She hopes to train her daughter on how to ride but it seems that the technology bug has bitten her daughter a little harder with Zoe preferring virtual horses in computer games. Oh well, at least they are cheaper.