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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Coronavirus COVID-19 How can we best Support our Clients through this?

For last few months Australians have watched on anxiously as the rest of the world grappled with the exponential spread of COVID -19. But in the last few weeks, Coronavirus COVID-19 has become a frightening reality for us all. At Locatrix, on Monday 16th March, the Executive Leadership team implemented our Business Continuity Incident Response Plan (in line with our ISO 27001 certification). The main course of action was that those that could work from home should. While our staff are mostly young and fit, we are all exposed to the elderly and vulnerable and it’s for their wellbeing that we have to take action. There is a growing need to ensure we limit contact and follow the global example of “flattening the curve” on the transmission of disease. As our business is growing, Locatrixians are required to travel frequently but that has all changed too. We have cancelled all travel, fortunately our partners and clients are taking the same course of action in reducing face to face contact and risk of spread. Site based visits and client meetings are replaced with teleconferences and Zoom meetings. We remain 100% available for our clients.

Online Training Course to support COVID-19 Education

In an aid to assist end users help prepare their staff for COVID-19, we created a short online training course:

Thank you to those of you who shared this link, by providing it free we found we received requests from existing customers who are seeking online training methods, opting out of face to face training which no longer was possible due to new restrictions. This course took our expert trainers a few hours to pull together. We are not restricted to the content that we already have, we can offer clients specific messaging that is timely and critical – such as linking it to recent Government guidelines on how to respond to COVID-19. In fact, we are in the process of adding to this course, so it includes what building owners need to consider when operating on skeleton staff within a building, ensuring that they are still prepared for an emergency – which is the case for many at this point of time.

The PlanStudio Academy

On the subject of online training, we would like to present for your feedback the PlanStudio Training Academy. Follow the link below to the online course created which includes all the instructional videos on how to get started and create floor plans by using all the tools in the PlanStudio application. This will be further developed in time, the end goal is to be able to step users through all the capabilities available.

Partners Embracing Locatrix Technology

Formiga1, one of our first Partners has embraced PlanStudio and PlanSafe has creating a new safety division within their Building Certification business. We share their marketing material for your reference:

Formiga1, like so many of you, realise the long term value to their business and better still, the true value they can provide to the end user. By increasing your product offering you are value adding to your clients and adding to the value of your business. In the 11 years that Locatrix has been providing clients with PlanSafe we have only lost 1% of our customer base. They just cannot take the risk to leave as it helps them achieve compliance, provides them long term cost savings and delivers them and efficient way to roll out site specific online training.

Opportunity for you to better serve your Clients

We at Locatrix will be running a campaign that we invite you to take part of. On Friday 20th March we will be sharing an article on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages titled “Why it is important to Digitise Your Floor Plans”. This article refers to coronial inquests where the recommendation has been made for emergency departments to digitise floor plans. As you know, the digitisation of floor plans is enriched with the added data collected through the Emergency Evacuation Plan and PlanSafe content. As noted earlier, with the increased demand on PlanSafe in response to replacing face to face training, business owners are looking for alternatives. In uncertain times, business owners will look to improving internal processes and adjusting practices to suit the present needs.

We are all in a unique position to be able to provide our clients support in an unprecedented event that everyone is looking for help on.

Our Marketing campaign requires that you share this the article from our blog, and follow up shortly afterwards with your own branded article on how you can provide digitised floor plans which we will provide for you to personalise. The follow up article will be available to you via our partner portal marketing material.

Partners who successfully convert sales from this content will be given the opportunity to increase their client base by Locatrix handing over some of our 50,000 plans in our depositary that all need auditing and updating. These are new clients who we wish to move away from and introduce to trusted Partners.

If you are interested in participating in this campaign, please register as a participant with Harriet Dunn on

Be sure to check on your partner portal for any additional marketing content that you would like to use to engage with prospective clients.

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