Better Intelligence Enables a Better Plan

Updated: Mar 23

Lee Johnson (AFSM) discusses our Emergency Services Plan

Lee Johnson (AFSM) joined QFES in 1975 as a firefighter. His drive and passion for serving and protecting the community shone throughout his career, working his way up the ranks to Commissioner – a position he held for approximately 13 years.

Lee was also President of the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC) for four years, a director of the National Aerial Fire Fighting Centre (NAFC) and was also heavily involved in the establishment of Australia’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) capability, in conjunction with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) and Emergency Management Australia (EMA). Lee also led AFAC’s revision of the Australasian Interservice Incident Management System resulting in AIIMS 4 during 2013.

Now, after a career spanning 40 years, Lee brings a wealth of knowledge to the Locatrix Emergency Industry Advisory Board to help build out the Emergency Services Platform (ESP).

“I was very much aware of the work Locatrix was doing from my time at QFES, and through other associates and contacts I became even more aware of the current initiatives and how the business was developing the original idea into such an exciting concept,” he said.

When discussing the concept of Locatrix’s Emergency Services Platform (ESP) tool, Lee commended the work of our production team, business development and corporate partnerships, and expressed his gratitude for being involved in an advisory capacity.

“It’s such an innovative product and Locatrix’s approach to its development is excellent , and I’m very happy to be part of the team and add what value I can from my own experience,” he said.

An advocate for building compliance and safety, Lee says had a program like the ESP been available during his career, he can only imagine how it would have assisted the frontline officers to more safely and effectively manage large structural fires.

“First Responders are often trying to process an enormous amount of information in a very short period of time, and one of the things we teach them is how to make the best out of the least amount of information, and they’re pretty good at it. But had we had ESP, it would have allowed crews to think and act with more situational awareness,” he said.

According to Lee, ‘better intelligence enables a better plan’ and he says any tool that allows First Responders to get a better understanding of the layout and floor plan of a building is going to greatly increase the information available to the officer in charge.

Lee believes that with the information ESP can provide, First Response crews and their leaders will be able to formulate a plan of attack much more efficiently, and thus increase the chances of achieving a positive outcome in an emergency situation especially where people’s lives are at risk.

“The potential for this tool [ESP] is enormous, and I’m really excited to have a hand in the evolution of the product, as well as oversee its continued development,” he said.

Having Lee on board as an Advisory Board member is invaluable to Locatrix as a business, and we look forward to everything we’ll achieve with the help of his experience and community influence.