TasRacing have not only raised the bar in legal compliance, but have also improved safety awareness and management within the industry.

“Locatrix gave us the ability to induct all of our employees, contractors, members and visitors, providing them with the skills and knowledge to remain safe at our race courses. This would not be possible without the capabilities of this system.”

Kim Elliott
Tasracing, Asset and Facilities Manager

Tasracing, upon reviewing their business situation, researched and implemented an online system to induct employees, contractors and visitors with the necessary skills to remain safe. The induction process ensures that all workplace health and safety Health, and Emergency Planning requirements are adhered to and compliant.

Tasracing wanted a single system to:

  • Provide a single source of information for all types of employees, contractors, race-day staff, trainers and members.
  • Meet all of the legislative and administrative requirements of workplace health and safety.
  • Provide an easy use online system to induct people who work with animals, machinery, hazardous materials, large crowds, racing equipment etc.
  • Automate record keeping of inducted trainees who have completed training, as well as those who are due for renewal.
  • Provide capability for individual training aspects based on the location.
  • Provide skills and knowledge to those with a lesser understanding of technology.
  • Ensure every inductee undertakes an assessment to confirm competency.



Tasracing adopted Concept Safety’s online Safety Induction and Emergency Management Program to provide safety information and training to their employees, contractors, race day staff and visitors. This enables them to achieve 100% compliance with the current workplace health and safety legislation, as well as adhere to the Building Fire Safety Regulations and Australian Standards (AS 3745-2010).




As the Racing industry has specific requirements (e.g. working with animals, operating machinery and crowd management), detailed configuration was required to create a specific induction portal, which covered the broad set of hazards that the Racing industry manages.

Interactive floor plans were created for each site and building to provide localised information on any form of equipment.



Present-day fire safety equipment training videos and a library of 70 emergency services certified videos for employees, First Responders, contractors and wardens were all integrated into the portal.

Site-specific Emergency Coordination Organisation instructions (Safety Wardens) and videos were customised according to Tasracing’s requirements.



Different types of assessment were set up according to the type of inductee. Results are then kept in a central database and will trigger a renewal alert after a certain timeframe.


Where will new technology drive the greatest return?

Tasracing knew people involved in the Racing industry require enforced attendance for workplace health and safety, as well as emergency training. If training is not completed, employees/contractors would not be allowed to work due to non-compliance. Tasracing contacted Concept Safety Systems in September ahead of the spring racing season.  Concept Safety provided an online Emergency Management and Induction Program tailored for the racing industry prior to the first major event in November. Concept Safety delivered its solution and demonstrated how the technology would drive the greatest return for Tasracing.

All key features offered include:

  • Site specific Instruction
  • Site specific Emergency Coordination and Organisation instruction
  • Content for WH&S procedures
  • Evacuation Diagrams
  • Hosting of the Safety Management system on Concept Safety Systems secure servers
  • Hosting of Induction Training Systems secure servers
  • Unlimited use of FEP
  • Present-day fire safety equipment training videos
  • All legislative updates to the FEP and SIP


By choosing Concept Safety, Kim Elliott believes he has chosen an enterprise tool for Tasracing at a small-business price. “The Concept Safety pricing structure for the racing industry is extremely fair,” says Elliott. “It allows us to add additional users at no extra cost.”