Graeme Thom


Graeme is one of Queensland Fire and Emergency Service’s (QFES) longest serving senior officers and, although always an operational fire officer throughout his career, served in many roles including acting in the positions of Assistant Commissioner - Community Safety and Risk Management and Assistant Commissioner Northern region, he was Brisbane City’s Fire Commander for many years, Executive Manager of the state’s fire safety department for over 12 years and finished his career in the position of Director of Operational Performance Improvement, completing a career spanning almost 41 years of varied experience. For over 10 years he represented the QFES and Queensland at the Federal level as AFAC’s (Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authority Council) Chair of the Built Environment Committee, dealing with key issues in fire Safety, fire prevention, fire investigation, major infrastructure development (e.g. tunnels), fire engineering, fire education, research and policy. As such he also had significant input into developing national building codes and building fire safety standards and regulations. He has had long years of experience as a Vice President and Director on the Board of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPA), The Fire Protection Industry Board of Queensland, and either chaired or represented the QFES on many interdepartmental government committees and key stakeholder groups dealing with a range of critical fire safety issues, including the development of Queensland’s new legislation dealing with fire and evacuation plans. Graeme holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government and International Relations is a Graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers, holds a Diploma of Front Line Management and a Diploma of Command & Control in Emergency Management, participated in the Australian Institute of Police Management’s (AIPM) Graduate Certificate in Management and in various Executive Leadership courses conducted at tertiary and other institutions. He has been awarded various Emergency Service Minister’s, Director’s General and Commissioner’s commendations and citations, the Australia Day Medallion, the Fire Service DES medal, the Australian Centenary Medal, the Australian Fire Protection Medal and, Australia’s highest award to a firefighter the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM).He is the founder and CEO of ‘GT & Associates’ providing professional speaking, mentoring and consultancy services and has established an international agency for Fire & Emergency Services speakers (IFESSA). He remains passionate about fire safety, the fire services and disaster and emergency management at the local, state, national and international level.