[ IOT Solutions ]

Locatrix is one of Australia’s most experienced IoT integrators and solution providers. We’ve delivered and project-managed a number of high-profile Smart City pilots deployments, demonstrating the commercial benefits of connected assets and intelligence. Let us show you how we can add value to your IoT initiatives.

The Whole Solution

We work with the world’s leading cloud and device partners to deliver world-class HTML5 dashboard development and complex IoT integration solutions. Our capabilities include:

  • dashboard Responsive HTML5 Dashboard solutions
  • show_chart Big-Data driven analysis, insights & actions
  • vpn_lock Security Architecture & Audit Services
  • wifi_tethering IoT Cloud Training & Support
  • location_on Mobile IoT information access tools
  • cloud 24x7 Support & Availability

Access Everywhere

Our unparalleled expertise in mobile applications means you can access your IoT network, dashboard & insights from wherever you are, via beautiful and responsive mobile user interfaces.

Your Devices on the Map

With location-based services in our corporate DNA, we’re your ideal partner to visualise, manage and make sense of the distributed nature of your IoT deployment, improving ROI and TCO outcomes significantly.

Would you like to make your next IoT project extraordinary?