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Game of Phones

Australia's biggest-ever location-based mobile game, Virgin Mobile's 'Game of Phones', developed by Locatrix Communications and complementing a campaign by Havas Worldwide Australia and One Green Bean, captivated mobile users in Australia with tens of thousands “down under” joining the virtual battle in the three weeks it was live.

Players were challenged to hunt for virtual prizes found on the Game Of Phones’ app map screen on their Android or iOS smartphone. When players came within 50 metres of a prize, they could tap to claim it, but it could then be stolen by other players located within 100 metres - it was game on! Players also scored points the more they shared messages about their involvement with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Almost 40,000 players downloaded and joined the game to stake their claim for the $200,000 of prizes.


The Bourne Legacy - Operation Intel

Location-based mobile game, launched to precede movie release Players earned points by evading (virtual) “assassins” while visiting a series of “checkpoints”. “Safe houses” allowed temporary respite from the assassins. Level progression (“missions”) unlocks special media (including exclusive movie footage) Points shared via a global leaderboard, social media integration (via Facebook/Twitter).

Agency partner: Hoodlum Interactive (for NBC/Universal)


Think Before

George, the star of ThinkBefore, is one of the 650,000 international students in Australia, many of whom are not accustomed to the danger signs in our urbanised society. As the face of Australia’s first digital campaign addressing student safety, George aims to spread the word about student safety to other international students or future students.

Stakeholders from a wide variety of Australian agencies including police, government, education and industry - including Locatrix - contributed funds and/or in-kind services to support this important initiative.

Think Before is available on both iOS and Android, and supports 13 different languages.


NTI Insurance Guide iOS & Android App

National Transport Insurance (NTI), Australia’s leading truck insurer, has commissioned Locatrix to build a number of applications on iOS and Android to both support internal business development, marketing and assessment services, but also to help communicate NTI policies and processes to the wider transport community.



Beepmo was a business networking service created by Greencloud Pte Ltd (Singapore), as a way to help professionals connect and communicate in and around networking events. Locatrix developed the Beepmo iOS, Android and web applications.



Locatrix was commissioned by Telstra to create a number of Android-based products to demonstrate the potential for T-Cloud to deliver services to the connected home of the future. These products were demonstrate to the Telstra executive & board, and were showcased in several Telstra facilities.



Locibar is a multi-lingual iOS application that helps VoIP professionals manage and deploy inventories Cisco, Snom and yealink IP-based telephone handsets.

Download Locibar from App Store


Tribe was Telstra’s social networking service. Locatrix was commissioned by Telstra to develop an engaging Android application that allowed consumers to fully leverage their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts through a single user experience.


mPoll.me - Mobile Survey

Find out what your customers think, easily and quickly with mPoll.me. mPoll.me is the fastest way to determine customer net promoter scores (NPS) using only their mobile phones.


Social Scrum

The result of a Locatrix R&D project, Social Scrum is a Facebook application that helps teams use social network techniques to manage team communication & collaboration.


Weight Watchers

A mobile campaign site to support the launch of the Weight Watchers mobile app.


OneAPI Management Portal

Locatrix created one of the first reference implementations of the GSMA’s ONEAPI standard, including a provisioning portal which allowed real-time creation of developer accounts and sandbox API access. This code has since been utilised in many telecommunications services.


Bigpond Callertones

Locatrix created the first-ever Facebook application to provide direct operator billing for media and content services, supporting Telstra’s ring back tone (RBT) service.


My Telstra Pre-Paid

My Telstra Prepaid is Telstra’s Facebook customer self care solution, wholly developed by Locatrix. It supports call history, credit top-ups and recharge, plan changes, and also credit “gifting” to and from your social networked friends.


Telstra Where is Everyone

Whereis Everyone is Telstra’s successful mobile location-based friend finder service. Deployed since 2006, it offers web, mobile, Android and T-Hub user experiences.


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