Operation Intel - Bourne Legacy


About Operation Intel

Clients: NBC Universal

Operation Intel - Bourne Legacy was an Android and iOS game launched to promote the 2012 US theatrical release of “The Bourne Legacy”. Our client sought a channel to engage users who were interested in the espionage genre, and our solution - in partnership with Hoodlum Interactive - was to develop an immersive game, where users had to evade virtual assassins, while visiting specific checkpoints to earn rewards.

Bourne Mobile Applications on hand

Project Goal

Faced with a hard release date, the project sought to ensure that any application user, anywhere in the world, could play a location-based game and compete equally against any other player, whether they were in New York City, London, or even Brisbane.

Locatrix designed a user experience which immersed the users into a world of virtual espionage, leveraging any and all nearby pedestrian routes to provide a game board neatly layered on their actual surrounds. As checkpoints were achieved, exclusive movie clips were released to the players as rewards.

Bourne Screenshot 1
Bourne Screenshot 1

what we built

Launched just prior to the US theatrical release of the movie, the US-only iOS and Android applications allowed Bourne fans everywhere to experience life as a spy on the run.

  • iOS Application
  • Android Application

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